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Empowering impoverished African children and communities with healthcare, food, clean water, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


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With deep gratitude, we want to give a heartfelt thank you
to all the people, companies, and sponsors
who have supported us over the years. 


Whether it is caring for children who have been orphaned, donating desperately needed medical supplies, building schools or distributing food, Aid Africa’s Children is making a difference one project, and one life at a time.

Your donations help give hope, new opportunities, and much needed healing to the children of Africa. Thank you for your generous support.
— Senator Barack Obama, Aid Africa's Children's Honorary Benefit Chairman, 2006 & 2008
The sewing skills that you helped me achieve is helping a lot as we no longer go to bed hungry…I hold on to these skills because that was the best thing that ever happened to me.
— Deborah, from the South African Thusanang Sewing Project
Even though I am not a doctor or nurse, I was able to give. I am not travelled, I don’t have a passport. For someone like me who has never done this before, I would like to open people’s eyes on what they can do and how they can help.
Whether it’s caring for children with malaria in Tanzania, or teaching HIV/AIDS education to students at Sjambok school in South Africa, I feel I receive so much more than I really give. I am privileged to share a bond with so many people in Africa through my work. Love and blessings are so much more meaningful if they are shared
— Debbie Gilliam, President of Aid Africa’s Children


Kids just want to have fun!

Kids just want to have fun!



Meet the Team

Since 2006, we've been committed to empowering impoverished children and communities in Africa through healthcare, food, clean water, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities. From doctors and nurses, to attorneys and filmmakers, we have an incredible and diverse team of talent. Find out more about us.