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Sewing project give dresses and dolls a new home!

Do you remember your favorite toy or doll growing up? These girls will especially when they learn that the dresses and dolls given to them are theirs to keep! Many little girls in Africa do not have dolls or a dress of their own.  These dresses and dolls were sewn and donated by the women of Salem United Methodist Church of Salem, Wisconsin. Their “Dress a Girl in Africa” sewing project made 100 dresses with small dolls in tucked in the pockets. Aid Africa’s Children’s Debbie Gilliam and Kerrie Neumann, also members of Salem United Methodist Church distributed the dresses at St. Justine Centre of the Disabled in Makoko, Tanzania. The excitement and joy that these colorful dresses and dolls gave these young girls was unforgettable!

Computer School student.jpeg

Baxter International Inc. Donates Computers

In the Spring of 2009, we opened the first and only working computer lab at Sjambok School in South Africa. These gently used computers were generously donated by Baxter International, a global healthcare company with educational software. The computer skills students learn will create job opportunities that were previously unattainable for students attending a public school.

Teachers are now required to undergo a computer training course. The computer lab has expanded its’ facilities to all school’s employees  and locals in the surrounding areas.  In May, 2010 Sjambok School’s headmaster agreed the school is doing well, and “no longer needs our help.” The computer lab is sustainable. He said, he will look for a new challenge for us! 

Justice’s graduation day!  It Takes A Village to Raise a Child.

Almost nine years ago, Justice Amadi was living in a hut in Africa with no running water or electricity with little hope for the future after a severe burn injury. Today, he lives in a prominent Chicago suburb and is a MBA graduate with a 3.5 average, working full-time and studying for his CPA exam. Justice Amadi benefited from the incredible generosity of many people and and organizations whose donations included critical medical surgeries in America, airline tickets, free room and board in America, and a 4 year college scholarship.  

Justice Amadi almost didn’t make it to America. Without the efforts of Aid Africa’s Children obtaining an expedited medical visa from Senator Obama’s office, he would not have met Shriners Children’s Hospital deadline to begin medical treatment. Ryan Moore made a video of Justice asking to come to America. His host mom, Sally Moore, sent the Justice video out to hundreds of hospitals and weathered over a year of rejections until Shriners Children Hospital said, "yes!"  Friends helped to get Justice’s airfare. Again, when the doors seem to be closing on Justice and his medical visa was expiring, Aid Africa’s Children helped secure a full four year scholarship from Robert Morris College in Chicago. Host families offered free room and board.

What Justice knows for sure is, he is living a life he could never have dreamed was possible because of the kindness and generosity of strangers. With his medical surgeries and MBA behind him, Justice hopes to give back to help his community, family, and generous supporters. He remains grateful to all those who have helped him on this incredible journey!