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Our Story

Between 2004-2006, a small group of volunteers took several mission trips to small remote south African and Nigerian villages.  They helped over 1000 people at medical clinics and creches. They witnessed first hand the toll of shattered lives leaving helpless children at the AIDS/HIV pandemic. This affects Africa significantly more than any other area in the world. Upon their return to the U.S. these volunteers were so affected by the experience, that with the help of likeminded individuals they formed Aid Africa’s Children as a charitable organization for the purpose of providing critical services and sustainable projects to help children and their caretakers in Africa.  

Our Approach

After assessing the needs of various communities with the help of the community leaders it is clear that the children were in desperate need of medical attention, clean water, basic necessities, and education.  

From our first projects in Nigeria and South Africa helping medical clinics and bringing fresh water to thousands of people, we continue to bring medical supplies, fresh water, medical training and educational opportunities to children in five countries in Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, and Nigeria.  

We build schools, boreholes, and computer labs, create sustainable farming, bring medical equipment and medication, and encourage entrepreneurship. We are a small group of dedicated individuals with big hearts to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa. 

We are blessed with the joy of our mission.  

Who We Work With

At Aid Africa’s Children, we create a strategic partnerships with community leaders, governments, and health organizations. Working with volunteers, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies and corporations, we obtain free equipment, medication, and basic necessities (shoes, blankets, clothing, etc.) to assist African villages, hospitals, and child care facilities. It starts with trust, it flows through hard work, and results in a project all participants can be proud of.

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