Kids’ Lemonade Stand Helps African Nursery Children


These neighborhood kids know you can make more from lemons than lemonade. When these children heard about the severe draught causing a major food crisis, they wanted to know how to help the pre-schoolers at St. Jude’s Nursery in Malawi, Africa.

Lemonade group(3).jpg

Aid Africa’s Children’s President, Debbie Gilliam encouraged the children in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, and Bristol, Wisconsin to organize lemonade stands which raised $250 in one day for St. Jude’s Nursery! This $250 contribution supplemented  the current donations and food supply for St. Jude’s Nursery between September thru November, 2016. It will provide much needed  comfort and food during this very difficult time. Malawi, a small country in southern Africa is considered one of the worst regions hit in this ongoing two year draught.  

FundraisingAdrian Galli