Access to Clean Water

Water is an essential compound that is the source of life and contributes greatly to a healthy, thriving community. The lack of access to a clean water source can prevent the growth and overall health and well being of communities and is especially prevalent in the poorest remote and rural areas all over the African continent. Aid Africa’s Children volunteers have witnessed countless areas where both children and adults have to walk miles in rough terrain and stifling hot climates to be able to haul back enough water for the families needs for one day. The access is not easily obtained and the water that is gathered in many areas is highly contaminated. Several intestinal parasitic diseases, typhoid, dysentery,and severe dehydration affect thousands in these areas . The children and elderly are most vulnerable.

When wells (boreholes) are drilled and access to clean water is obtained life becomes easier and the burden or waterborne diseases significantly decreases. We are greatly committed to this most valuable intervention in the countries that we work in and have funded for these water projects in Nigeria and Tanzania.

A memorable and significant water project funded by Aid Africa’s Children was in Musoma, Tanzania. We worked with a group of wonderful partners, the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa. They were running a disabled children’s home that was located near the shores of Lake Victoria. The nature of the impaired children does not allow fetch water from the nearby Lake Victoria. Their security and safety is at risk on windy days when the current and waves are strong. Having a borehole drilled give the children and the community access to clean and safe water and greatly reduce waterborne diseases. Horticultural gardens and irrigation systems will also be established providing nutritious food sources for the children and community. 

Aid Africa’s Children stood in the gap for these children to improve their lives and well being and the borehole continues to provide clean water for the residents of the Children’s Home and for the immediate surrounding area.