Meet Tech Savvy Villagers behind our Chicken Co-op Project


Meet the tech savvy and enterprising women of the Ntemba Village Women’s Chicken Cooperative who use Facebook Messenger and Google pictures to communicate with us! The women explained what the chicken business means to them and what they hope to accomplish with the funds they have received from Aid Africa’s Children. The Mvimwa Abbey in Tanzania donated a brick building that needed repairs for a chicken house. Their Brother Max promised business support to the women. Aid Africa’s Children paid for the building repairs, 100 baby chicks at $2 each, and feed to support the new chicken business. The goal was to buy baby chicks, feed them and eventually sell their eggs for income.


Here in their own words is a short description of who they are, why they started this group and their goals towards self-sufficiency and independence.

“The Ntemba women group started in 2016 with purpose to help the women of Africa in the area who live difficult condition due to hardships in their families .

The group founded by Ms. Piencia Mwageni and other women of Ntemba Village nearby The Benedictine Abbey of Mvimwa in Tanzanian .

Piencia, the leader of the group introduced the way how these women can depend on the business and chicken project in order to produce chicks meat and eggs.

The group is now helpful to the women will be able to take their children to school and be able to pay school fees.

The intention is to make women independent and not to rely on men who formally abandon them to marry second wives.

Our intention is to educate more women in self reliance and face the situation with courage to stand on their own and produce enough product for surplus.

Our future goal is to enlarge our project that can manage to supply chicken meat to various institutions and secondary schools around.

DonateAdrian Galli