Food Programs

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Helping Hungry Children and Families

Sophie’s Creche is another example of how we have supported a food program for needy pre-school children and expanded into other areas critical for their success and continuation. Sometimes we are contacted for emergency help. In the case of  St. Jude’s Nursery in Tanzania, the nursery’s garden was being ravaged by hippos. Once we built the a hippo fence to protect the garden, the garden flourished and was sustainable to feed the nursery. Until it was hit by one of the  worst draughts in years. Each circumstance is different and heartbreaking. 

With the Soul Sparkles we met AID orphans, young teens who were the head of the household for their their siblings struggling to survive. We provided them with emergency food packages under our Kathryn’s Food Packets program and much more.

Kathryn’s Food Packets are an expression of love, hope, and nutrition offered to the numerous teens and their younger siblings who we have come to know as the Soul Sparkles. They live in the poor, rural community in Lethabong, South Africa. These children are not some nameless faces across the globe, but are youth struggling for their very existence, fighting hunger, lack of clothing and medical care, inadequate housing and dealing with the pain of grief and loss of their parents to HIV/AIDS. They are dealing with all of this as they attempt to raise their younger siblings.  

Debbie with Sjambok School students.

Debbie with Sjambok School students.

We have also contributed to meals and tuitions for pre-schoolers at Sophie’s Creche in Lethabong, South Africa who otherwise would be unable to attend Sophie’s Creche. At Sjambok School students were given one meal Monday-Thursday.  Severe malnutrition was so rampant, that many students came to school just for meals. Because Aid Africa’s Children did not want the children going without food for 3 straight days, they financed a Friday meal program for 900 students improving their class performances.