Jacob Farkas

Best Friends, Jacob and Harry

Best Friends, Jacob and Harry


Volunteerism Starts Early

Neither long distances or different cultures can stop friendships from blossoming. 

In 2010, Jacob met Harry, the “head student” at Sjambok school and the two  became great friends and kindred spirits.  In 2012, when Jacob returned he and Harry rekindled their friendship.  Harry invited Jacob home to meet his family.  The world can be a small place and we can build wonderful memories when we reach out to help others. Acts of kindness, whether small or large can create bonds for lifetimes. Jacob has learned early that when sharing with others less fortunate, the gift is returned many times over. He shared some of his Bar Mitzvah money and donated it to Aid Africa’s Children to upgrade a playground at Sophie’s Creche in Lethabong, South Africa.  

We can all learn from Jacob’s good works that no matter how old you are,  you can make this world a better place. You can make a difference for one person or entire community.