Mosquito Nets


Fighting Malaria with Mosquito Nets

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa “was home to 90% of malaria cases and 92% of malaria deaths." Particularly devastating is the massive widespread incidence of malaria in the countries we have worked in and knowing that this disease is a largely preventable and curable. 

Aid Africa's Children works in Tanzania which is in Africa's malaria belt.  We have personally worked in clinics in Baraki and Tarime, and seen hundreds of children affected with malaria.  Their mothers carry their limp and almost lifeless bodies with dangerously high fevers and the profound anemia that occurs after one is bitten and infected by the female Anopheles (malaria carrying) mosquito. In these regions there are little resources for prevention by spraying or the use of treated mosquito nets.  Poor sanitation provides ample breeding grounds for the mosquitoes in the standing water. Medicine and other essential equipment for rapid diagnosis and treatment of malaria is also limited.

Helping to address these needs, Aid Africa's Children raised funds for malaria medications and mosquito nets and distributed these to Kome Island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. The journey to delivere 350 nets to villagers on this remote island is our testimony to the dedication we have to the African people we serve as well as to our donors. Three of our volunteers journeyed for a full day in less than comfortable conditions taking a bus, a taxi, a long ferry ride across the lake and then used donkeys to deliver the nets to the villages.

Once again, AAC was determined to meet this challenge and succeed!