Are you interested in helping children in Africa, fundraising, organizing events in your community, or being part of our social media network? There’s a place to utilize your skills, time, or efforts to help our healthcare, food, education, clean water, or entrepreneurial projects in Africa. 

Tell us how you can help and what you’d like to do!


Jacob Farkas scores big with neighborhood kids in Erasmus

Twelve year-old volunteer, Jacob Farkas, approached the Lake Forest Soccer Association and many private families to obtain soccer uniforms for neighborhoods kids in Erasmus, South Africa. He brought 50 jerseys and shorts. The kids were so very excited to receive the matching uniforms!  Both Jacob and his nine year-old sister, Shayna, are young “global activists.” When Shayna was in first grade she collected 120 toothbrushes from her 1st grade class and brought them to Africa to give to needy children. 

Ryan Moore Oversees Zambia School Project

Ryan Moore, a 26 year old man from Lincolnshire, Illinois with Aid Africa's Children, built a government endorsed school in Zambia for a 1/3 of the cost of a standard school.

Kerrie delivers Baby:new2 teeth.jpeg

Kerry Delivering Baby

Meet Kerry.  She was an executive assistant at a major credit card company and a fire fighter and EMT (emergency medical technician) in Salem, Wisconsin. She never had a passport and only flew five times before volunteering to help Aid Africa’s Children on a medical mission. Kerry’s emergency medical skills were put to use delivering a baby in Tanzania.