Zambia School Creates Unexpected Benefits for the Community

In many ways, the Kamisombo School that Aid Africa’s Children built has become the hearth of the community, as villagers and the government continually find new activities to be conducted in the school. The school has positively impacted Matushi in the areas of: politics, health, education, religion,  social welfare, increased well-being and building a stronger sense community.

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How 100 Baby Chicks Help 30 Families

In November, 2016  we met with the Ntemba Village Women’s Chicken Cooperative in Tanzania. Our intention was to learn about their needs and challenges they face. We were seeking to empower these women who have very difficult lives…They stated, they wanted to start a business raising chickens eggs and selling them at the market.

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Adrian Galli
The Kitenga School for Girls

The Kitenga School for Girls allows young girls to aspire to the undreamed of future with the opportunities and self-sufficiency an education can offer.  Their future would no longer follow the restrictive traditions of their female predecessors who faced early marriage with no say in the matter. 

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SchoolAdrian Galli